How has your library affected your life? Does Toddler Yoga make your baby giggle? Are you job hunting, and the resume review is helping you perfect your applications? Do you just like to hang out and talk about books after a long day of isolation?

We’d love you to take action and share your story with us. Leave a note on the Invest in Libraries website, and help us communicate what libraries mean to our city.

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Brooklyn Public Library


The budget situation in NYC (and really everywhere) is fluid. While the release of the FY21 Executive Budget left libraries largely whole, our economic situation is unstable, and we all need to be ready to speak up.

Right now, the best way to speak up is by sharing your story as a patron, or by 小火箭更新订阅教程 of how you as library staff are supporting the community!


Library staff in NYC are working to continue connecting our communities to the literature and info they need, and to each other.

As soon as the city’s libraries closed, staff across all 5 boroughs got to (isolated) work. Library staff immediately shifted from figuring out how to be open during a pandemic, to creating a virtual library service to ensure that as many neighbors as possible could still access library services including storytime, book clubs, job search help and yep, ebooks. 

Here are some of them and their stories.

Laptop with powerpoint and tablet with notes on a desk.


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I am a children’s librarian with the New York Public Library. I have been recording short story and rhyme times, and conducting virtual class visits with a local elementary school, including multiple read-alouds and a student-led book club that I facilitate. Do you have a story about your library? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.



Librarian in Brooklyn I’ve been working on the following from home:~storytimes for ages 1 to 6~Story and craft program for ages 3 to 12~Working on the SimplyE booklists for the public to browse and discover books they’d enjoy reading~Working with my supervisor to moderate weekly program over Slack for teen interns in the BookMatch Teen …

librarian in front of laptop and mounted iPad. iPad shows Bklyn Public Library app and laptop screen is open to Urban Librarians Unite website.


As a non-librarian who works for a Library – I have done most of my work from home in the past couple of months. I’ve spent lots of time thinking about the best way to support the staff at Brooklyn Public Library as they continue or return to work. I’ve taught myself enough about Zoom …

Desk with a phone, papers, and laptop on it, with a minimized webinar and calendar on the laptop screen.


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The attached picture is me preparing to do a storytime from home. In addition to these, I work with the community’s institutions; schools and day cares, to provide early lit support to educators and parents. Do you have a library story? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.


I am currently on several committees and working from home I am building a website to help teens navigate their way to college from the 9th grade to the 12th grade. Do you have a library story? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.


I’m a senior children’s librarian at the New York Public Library, serving children aged 0 to 13 years, although I do also work with teens. Some of the services I’ve provided during this time include: conducting themed online story times, creating and adapting at-home story time and activity guides for parents and caregivers, and communicating …

Librarian sitting with stuffed toy, performing storytime using a coffee cup as "tripod" for their iPhone. Edited text on photo reads: "Storytime corner, oh my! Checklist: Books, Running order/song list, friendly plushies, trusty coffee cup "tripod".


Children’s librarian at Inwood branch of NYPL. Supporting teachers and community literacy partners with information re: library and local (NYC) based resources, assistance with library card record retrieval, workarounds to access databases, virtual storytimes and class visits. Social media engagement via branch Instagram. Do you have a story about your library? Share a post it …

smiling librarian in front of a shelf of books


I have led two book clubs in April and May as part of the NYPL and WNYC partnership. In June I will do that again and also Start a classics book club. We will also start a book discussion group to talk about books Members are reading and recommendations twice a month. Do you have …



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【米白云】各平台客户端使用教程 – 懵比小站:2021-3-31 · 本文提到的所有软件均在这里下载:【米白云】各平台客户端下载 米白云网站:这里直达 不同设备,不同网络地区可能会影响订阅,导致无法订阅成功,请尝试手动导入。手动导入是指除了订阅以为的另两种导入方式,即:二维码扫描和链接导入。


I’m preparing for an LGBTQ Book Talk and piling up the books I need to promote ebook platforms. Books for the book talk are on the right, personal reading is on the left. See? Organized chaos. I’ve also been regularly meeting with staff and completing professional development courses to fine-tune my skills for virtual programming. …


I provide a listening ear by keeping in contact with regular customers at the North Hills library. We are all feeling the effects of isolation, and needing to connect to someone, so I reach out to familiar faces I see around the my neighborhood to chat from a distance and suggest they use our virtual …

a young child leaning over the back of a couch as his mother records a live storytime


I’m a children’s librarian at Queens Library. Right now, I’m creating screencasts of how to access and navigate our library databases, and working on virtual storytimes. I’m also going to be performing virtual reference. Do you have a story about your library? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.


I’ve been conducting regular Facebook Live storytimes, along with school-age programs, class visits, chat reference, and professional development. I’m hoping to come back equipped to be a better manager and children’s specialist, and I can’t wait to see patrons again. Do you have a library story? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.


I’m a YA librarian at BPL. I do a weekly writing program on the flagship Instagram account on Wednesdays. The photo shows how I record the videos. I also help run the teen Instagram account and post to the branch Facebook page. (Is that a banjo in the background? Heck yeah!) Do you have a …



I go by Miss Sarah, children’s librarian at the Peninsula Community Branch of Queens Public Library. Back in March I made sure to stay connected with my library families and support my library system through this time. I’ve been doing a Virtual Children’s Meet and Chat once a week with my library kiddos. Recently we …


While I’m usually an assistant manager my background is in children’s services, so while working from home I joined the children’s online programming committee to organize virtual children’s programming and was the point person for the Queens Pet Library where librarians go live with their pets on the QPL Facebook page! I’ve also done a …


I present Adult Services and Cultural programs online to our communities in Queens and beyond! Do you have a library story? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.


I am children’s librarian providing youth services to the community. Do you have a library story? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.


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Hip Hop’s Ralph McDaniels

You can join Ralph McDaniels for Live Talk from Queens every week! Do you have a library story? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.

photo of a smiling librarian holding a rock with a smiley face drawn on


I’m a Children’s Librarian in NYC and I’m really enjoying hosting Virtual Storytimes from my big green story chair, with plenty of uke songs and silly activities! This is from one of my first sessions, where we read Petra by Marianna Coppo and painted rocks together. Do you have a story about your library? Share …

screenshot of a facebook live storytime about sea turtles


Children’s Librarian in Brooklyn doing virtual storytime. Sea turtles forever! Do you have a story about your library? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.


The Parkchester branch of the New York Public Library is offering a weekly online poetry discussion group. For June, we will be reading poetry books about immigration in celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month. Do you have a library story? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.



Adult Learning Center Manager- Rochdale Village; We offer virtual classes for English Language Learners and High School Equivalency Preparation. Do you have a library story? Share a post it note at http://notes.investinlibraries.org/.

Children's librarian "selfie" working from home. Toys in background.


I’m a Children’s Librarian Trainee in the Bronx. I feel like my job is on overdrive right now. I am trying to reach out to community members in any way possible to provide needed information on community resources and digital services. It’s hard not being able to connect with patrons in person to know if …



My set up isn’t as fun as the children’s librarians have but since the week we closed I’ve been; hosting 2 – 3 virtual programs a week, meeting with branch staff to keep us all connected, talking to community members to see how we can stay connected and providing services, making masks to share with …

librarian in red dress with long hair performing a downward dog on a yoga mat, in front of their laptop


Technical Services/Reference Librarian at a private college. We already provide a lot of library services to our online degree students, so most of my time has been spent scaling up those services to serve 100% of campus. WFH has not been great on my back and neck so I try to change my position a …

Mary Lynn

I am a Children’s Librarian at the Queens Public’ Lubrary. I’ve done professional development, staff support and a bit of outreach. The most enjoyable moments of working from home have been watching librarians in NYC and across the country conduct storytimes all over the internet. They’ve taught me a lot, and I’ve even been lucky …

Why Libraries?

Libraries are the duct tape that holds our neighborhoods together. In good times, libraries provide a space for gathering and building our knowledge and relationships. When things are stressful libraries leverage their relationships to become a lifeline for their neighbors, helping with access to the information that they need to make their lives better. 

Funding Libraries = Funding our Communities

What Libraries Do

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What Libraries Are

Libraries are the staff that makes them tick, and that staff is made up of caring professionals committed to access, equity, literacy and privacy.  Library staff who believe that everyone deserves access to information and learning free from bias are working every day to try to make sure that our neighbors have that access.

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